The village of Verteuil-sur-Charente is located in the department of Charente of the french region Poitou-Charentes.

What makes this village a bit special is the massive Chateau which can be seen for miles.

When you arrive in Verteuil-sur-Charente and you see the Chateau it will remind you of a fairy castle with it's five towers and watchtower set on rocky outcrop overlooking the River Charente.

It really does dominate the village and has been in the La Rochefoucauld family for centuries.

The Chateau was built in the 11thC and restored in the 15thC and was visited by King Francis1, King Louis X111 and the Prince de Conde.

There were turbulent times during the 100 years war and the wars of religion and it was given up to the English during the Calais Treaty of 1360.

Twenty years later it was again occupied by Geoffrey 111 of La Rochefaucould, and then taken again by the English who were finally driven out by Charles V11, King of France.

Just to mention that I am not a Historian, so all you read here I have researched very briefly and believe to be true. Should you be interested in anymore History of the Chateau I am sure you will be able to find things out yourselves.

Now pulling ourselves out of the past you still find the heritage of this Village everywhere.

There is an immaculate Water Mill, Moulin de Verteuil, below the Chateau and there you will find a Tea Room and Bakery.

The Alley of the Seneschall, which provided a safe passage for the La Rochefoucauld family's justice officer from home to office and the medieval side streets around the square.

Verteuil is a vibrant village with a lovely square where you will find Restaurants where quite often is Live Music, Butcher, Newsagent, Pharmacy and Estate Agents.

In the River Charente around the village you will find a variety of fish and its rippling shallows are very popular with fly fisherman.

Should you prefer to be on the water they are great opportunities for canoeing.

I hope you enjoyed finding out about Verteuil-sur-Charente and maybe you will visit the village yourself one day.

Should you be looking for somewhere to stay I can recommend 'La Petite Maison' to you, as it lays very central here in the southern Charente.

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