Shopping in Bordeaux - Little Information about Where To Go


Going shopping in Bordeaux is quite a pleasure as it is relatively easy to walk around and you have plenty of opportunity to look at all the windows as well as visit the stores. It is very well known for its luxury Boutiques and Department Stores, with many famous French and International brands on sale.

If you decide to come to this lovely city, just keep in mind that many of the smaller Businesses close for a 2 hour lunch break.

It’s like most French cities - lunch comes before business!!!!!

Most of the time they do stay open quite late in the evening. I guess they have to make up the time somehow........

But you will find Malls and Supermarkets open all day.

Remember on a Sunday everything is closed and only the Markets are open.

So, now you have decided not go during lunch break and not on a Sunday - where should you actually go?

Let me start with Rue Sainte-Catherine, which is pedestrian only and has 1.2 kilometres (0.75 mi) of Shops, Restaurants and Cafés.

It is also the longest shopping street in Europe, now that what I call Shoppers’ Paradise........

Rue Sainte-Catherine starts at Place de la Victoire and ends at Place de la Comédie by the Grand Théâtre.

Everything becomes progressively more upmarket as one moves towards Place de la Comédie.

The Commercial Centres here offer a good choice of France's most popular high street labels.

The city's largest Centre is undoubtedly Meriadeck on the Rue Claude Bonnier.

At the French department store, Galeries Lafayette, look out for Clothing, Accessories and Household Goods.

Le Marche des Grands Hommes, in the Place des Grands Hommes, is a great place to look for anything and everything, from fresh produce to that special gift to take home, including jewellery, chocolate and fine wine.

If you should desire Designer Labels, trendy Home Ware shops or Gourmet Food Stores I can recommend ‘The Golden Triangle”.

It is formed by the Allee de Tourny, Cours de L’Intendance and Cours Clemenceau.

As well as all the lovely Boutiques you will find the most stunning Wine Shop here.

At L’Intendant, 2 Allee de Tourny has thousands of Wine bottles stacked around a spiral case.

Well worth going to see, even if you don’t intend to buy Wine.

How about a spot of bargain hunting in the St.Michel district of Bordeaux.

It’s a lively place if you are searching for bric-a-brac and other bargains.

As well as a Monday market selling clothes, held just by the basilica of St. Michel, there are also two Saturday markets in the district selling collectables and antiques.

On Sunday morning a Food and Book market takes place along the quai de Chartons.

There you go, hopefully that was a little helping hand for you. I am sure you will be able to find what you are looking for.

Maybe you know some other places in Bordeaux.
Why not let me know by filling out the little form you will find at the bottom of the page.

I would love to hear from you and you will be able to read your own story on my site.

Have a Great Experience in Bordeaux whatever you are doing......

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