St.Georges de Didonne - a Lovely Seaside Town

Beach at St.Georges de Didonne

That is what I dream of when I think of a lovely seaside Town and beautiful sandy Beaches - a big ice-cream.

In St.Georges de Didonne you will find it all and the Beaches are really lovely and sandy.

Beach St. Georges de Didonne

Beach as far as your eyes can see


Let me tell you a little bit about this lovely seaside town which is situated about 5kms from the big tourist destination of Royan on the Atlantic Coast of Charente Maritime.

Originally a small fishing village, the town only really opened up to tourism in 1920, but was affected by the allied bombings at Royan at the end of World War II.

The town has its own 36m tall lighthouse which overlooks the small port. The lighthouse is open from June to Sept, and offers excellent views of the Charentaise coastline.

Lighthouse St.Georges de Didonne

The Eglise de St Georges was originally constructed in the 12th century, but most of the structure that exists now dates back to the 19th century.

There are ruins of the 16th century fortifications at the Pointe de Vallieres, which separates the Conche at Royan from St Georges.

The proximity of St Georges de Didonne to Royan, provides many tourist and leisure activities, and at St Georges there is windsurfing, catamarans and dinghy sailing.


I really enjoy going to St.Georges de Didonne every summer with my children. Just lazying by the beach, always taking a picnic and building sandcastles.

Here you can see this years creation.

My kids creation

And here is a close up and a photo of a Jelly Fish……….


Sandcastle nicely decorated!!!!!

Jelly Fish

And once you spend a nice day at the beach, there are plenty of lovely Restaurants to have some dinner later on.

Just think about it, if you would be staying at 'La Petite Maison' you could just make a day trip to the lovely seaside town of St.Georges de Didonne as it only takes 1hour and 40minutes to get there.

Should you not fancy having dinner there just come back to Poullignac and relax at our lovely Pool Terrace.

Hopefully you enjoyed finding out about St.Georges de Didonne and maybe I gave you something to think about regarding your next holiday.

Why not make it here in the beautiful South-West France….