Rescued Horses and more at Brantome


A few weeks ago I spent a great day at a place for rescued Horses in the lovely Brantome area.

I went there with my family, as my daughter is horse mad and we heard about this lovely place, run by an even lovelier couple called Roland and Alison Phillips.

While we were there we had the pleasure of meeting their daughter Debbie and the grand children Chloe and Izzy.


We didn't really know what to expect visiting rescued horses, but as soon as we arrived at Alison and Roland's place we knew we are going to have a great time.

Before we were shown around, Alison told us a bit about the background of the Horses and where they are mainly from.

In fact, she told us that it was Roland's mother who started rescuing animals, not just horses, in 1975 and apparently it all developed from there.

When we were visiting we met 16 rescued horses and most of them are Police horses originally arriving from the London Metropolitan and the Avon and Somerset Police Forces in the UK.


All Horses start their retirement in a Sanctuary in Devon and after assessment they are relocated to Alison and Roland's beautiful place near Brantome which is in the Dordogne.

And all rescued Horses there are retired through age, injury or ill health and in most cases would have been destroyed without the help of Alison and Roland.

I think they are doing a really fab job and if you like Horses it makes a lovely day out for the whole family.

So, after we found out a little more about the whole project we got to meet all the Horses, to the delight of my children.

The first Horse we met is called Lewis and we all fell in love with him and he is still our favourite. It's a beautiful strong Horse who was used in the 2011 London Riots and got injured as someone ripped off his eye protection and then he got hit by a brick……..

But he has recovered well and has a great life now.

Police Horse Lewis

Lewis - our favourite for some reason

There are of course other Horses and they all have a story to tell.

If you would like to know any more about the Horses why not contact Alison and Roland because are the real experts.

I am only telling you of the things I know, but you might be interested in finding out more of all the stories, and they are plenty.

You can even spent your holiday. at 'La Grange' as there is a beautiful Gite available to rent.

Rescued Horses


And this is 'Walter' who is quite old and I thought he was quite sad.

I spoke to Alison about him but she told me that actually he is happy just old and I think I remember her saying he had to take medication.

Apart from rescued Horses we also met 2 gorgeous little Ponys called Cracker and Freddie.

All the kids got stuck in and gave them a good brushing.

Rescued Horses

This is lovely Cracker


Cutie Freddie


Kids working hard

After a lot of talking and watching all the rescued Horses Alison and Roland invited us for a cup of tea and some home made cake.

We left the kids roaming around while we got to know more about the whole project.

Whilst talking, the kids came running in informing us that the Goats and Chickens are now running loose, but nobody got too excited so I guessed it's pretty normal.


Runaway Goat

We continued talking and I found out that you can arrange a visit which includes the following:

- What it takes to be a Police Horse

- Meet the animals and hear their stories

- Touch and Groom

- Demonstrations

- If you dare you can sit on a Police Horse

- Cream Tea or Coffee and homemade cake on the lawn

- Children's snack box and drink

All this for €10.00 per adult and €5.00 per child.

Now does that not sound a fab day out for the whole family?

Once again, if you would like anymore information or arrange a visit please contact Alison and Roland.

Have a lovely day with all the Horses and runaway Goats and I would love to hear from you if you decide to go.

Please come back here and let me know your story.

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Enjoy yourself and say hello to Alison and Roland

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