This year it was a Poullignac Festival with a difference.


Again the Church Service was held outside the Church as it was not quite finished yet.

As always, the last weekend in June the Festival takes place and a lot of activity is going on in the Village. This year the Poullignac Festival was a bit different from all the other years.

Normally the village pays for a whole lot of entertainers for the afternoon, but this year the whole village got involved.

Our lovely Lady Mariee Miree decided we should all get involved in a little theatre piece, starting with the Cavemen.



Doesn't he look real?? Scary…….

You can imagine we all had a really good laugh while we were rehearsing.

After the Cavemen it went on to the Vikings and Peasants with a little performance including children. And I can proudly say that my 2 kids took part as well. My daughter a little peasant and my son of course a viking.

Poullignac Church

There you go, my son Sacha and myself

Poullignac Church

And the last piece was the Middle Ages, which included our Mariee.

Poullignac Church

Poullignac Festival

We all had a really good time and the visitors to the Poullignac Festival enjoyed it as well.

Of course on the day it was extremely hot and being dressed up in a costume was no fun at all.

All the other things on the day were exactly like last year. The day begun with the Church service and then we got the meal ready and after the show.

Yes, I think I can say that we all worked very hard this year.

What will happen in 2012? You will just have to wait and see as I know something different is planned again.

So, should you be in the area the end of June 2012 come and visit our lovely village.

Have a lovely time

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