The Poullignac Festival June 2010

Market Sellers at Poullignac Festival

Some of the Sellers at the Festival

For about the last 15 years Poullignac has held a Patois Festival every last Sunday in June.

The Festival starts with a Church service.

For the last 2 years the service has been held outside under a Marquee, as our Church is being renovated.

Mass at Poullignac

Open Air Church Service

At lunchtime simple but nice food is being served as a buffet. Once everything has been cleared the Patois entertainment starts.

Obviously the Festival attracts many older people, as they understand the whole of the entertainment. But this year I have noticed quite a bit of a younger crowd as well.

The entertainment is normally a group of dancers dressed in traditional Charentaise costumes.

In between the dancing someone will go on stage and tell a story or a joke in Patois, which I don’t actually understand.

Charentaise Entertainement

Charentaise Entertainers

This is what happens on the day, but I enjoy the build up to the Poullignac Festival more as all the village comes together and we all organize it.

Normally it all starts about a week before when all the men get together and built up the marquee and get all the tables and benches from another village.

Of course it takes a long time as they do stop for long lunches and a few glasses of Pineau.

Basically it takes 3 full days to get it all up, but as some people work it stretches in to a week.

Everything is voluntary and based on how much time everybody has to help with the Festival.

On the Saturday I normally help decorate the marquee and tables or I help in the kitchen as there is always some chopping and cleaning to be done.
On Sunday we start at about 10 o’clock and get the Buffet ready while a lot of people enjoy the Church service.

By 1 o’clock we open the Buffet for about 300/350 people, which keeps us all a bit busy.

Once the Buffet is finished all the people who helped sit down for lunch, which is always a great affair as the Wine and Pineau comes out.

I always try not to drink too much, as there is work to be done afterwards!!!!

Once we have all eaten it’s time to clear up all the empty trays and get on with the washing-up.

As you can imagine it takes quite a long time to clear it all away, but with so many people helping it’s not too bad.

By about 6o’clock the Poullignac Festival is coming to end and we all, mainly the whole village, come together for a Dinner.

Again it’s a fun affair where we all talk about the day, how it all went and where we consume a lot of food and drinks...........

That was the Sunday, but it’s not finished yet as on Monday morning everything has to be taken down and the kitchen has to be cleaned up. And once again when it comes to lunchtime everybody stops and we eat together again.

By the time Tuesday evening arrives everything is cleared away from the Poullignac Festival for another year.

Now you can see why I enjoy the preparation a bit more then the actual Festival. This one time a year brings all the village together and we all have a great time.

Because everybody gets so involved our Mayoress arrange a day out as a big thank you to everybody.

Mariee of Poullignac

That is our lovely Mariee

So, if you should ever be in the Poullignac area the last weekend in June why not come by and see for yourself.....

Young Entertainer

Tired Entertainer after a long day

I hope you enjoyed reading about our little Poullignac Festival and remember it's your holiday, so have some fun...

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