Paint Exhibition in La Rochelle

The Port at La Rochelle is a great place for a Painting Exhibition as it has a lot of charm and is very captivating.

A lot of Artists have come to the same conclusion and that is why, apart from Marseille, La Rochelle is said to have inspired more oil paintings and watercolours than any other harbours in France.

For this reason an Exhibition called 'Peinture du Port' has been organised for the first time this year.

It opens on the 8th April until the 1st May and the entrance fee will be 3.00 euros.

It is open from 11.00 a.m - 7.00 p.m.

People are getting quite excited about it already.

It will feature about 125 works of art and it will be held at the Chapelle des Dames Blanches at the quay Maubec.

So, if you are an Art lover it will be worth a visit.

While you are there, have a great time