Nuts from the Charente

Nuts - as mentioned before is another speciality here in the Charente.

You will find here mainly Hazelnuts, which in french is noisette and Walnuts, which is noix. There you go, you learned two new words in french…..

The Noisette you will find late in the summer and the time for the Noix is the autumn. Many people have 'Noix' trees in their garden and of course you can buy them in all the local markets.

Here in Poullignac we are very lucky to have plenty of trees carrying noisette and noix.

Every autumn we always get a big bag of Walnuts from our Mariee, so I am the lucky one and don't need to buy any.

Now we all know you can make cakes or just eat the nuts like that, but what about some Oil?

This Oil is lovely with a rich flavour and it is produced throughout the year in the Charente.

If you do come and visit the Charente you will find quite a few old Mills that have been restored to working order and are now producing this lovely Oil.

You will find great looking bottles in the local Markets or in Speciality Shops.

Some of the Mill owners actually sell directly to the public, which is probably the best thing to do.

So, if you are on holiday here in the Charente and you are looking for some presents to take back that might be an unusual possibility.

But if this is not quite what you are looking for they are other options, like Saffron, Pineau des Charente, Goats Cheese, Soap and many other things.

Just remember - it's your holiday and you do and buy what you like…..Enjoy.

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