Natural History Museum in Bordeaux

How about visiting the Natural History Museum in Bordeaux?

Take a day trip to Bordeaux and spend the morning just enjoying the City, or maybe do a bit of shopping.

After a nice lunch go and visit The Natural History Museum which opened it's doors in 1811, and this makes it one of the oldest of it's kind in France.

It is set in a stunning private mansion adjoining the 'Le Jardin Public' and it features a huge collection of artefacts relating to the subject of the natural world.

It features present-day species, including those at risk of extinction, belonging to the mammal, bird, reptile and fish families, as well as crustaceans, mollusks and insects.

Considerable space is dedicated to local wildlife and to paleontology, with an impressive collection of fossils.

The library is open to researchers and the shop offers copies of the museum's publications among other works.

You will find the Museum open all year round, but as you can imagine it does get very busy during the school holidays as a lot of parents take their children there.

Now you have visited Bordeaux, why not come back to 'La Petite Maison'. It's only just over 1 hour away from Bordeaux and you can relax by the Pool, breathe in some lovely country air after your day in the City and maybe make some plans for tomorrow.

We would love to welcome you here at 'La Petite Maison', so why not have a look at what we can offer you.

Even if you don't come and see us, I hope you will have a lovely holiday here in the Charente.