2011 Music Festival in Cognac

Do you like Live Music?

I am sure you do and so the Music Festival in Cognac would be just a great place for you to visit in July and it is taking place on the 5th to the 9th July 2011.

It is a very popular event and the headline acts have just been released.

It will include Moby, Jamie Cullum, Texas and how about ZZ Top, Raphael Saadig, Morcheeba, Aloe Blacc and Asa, just to name the main Bands.

I have to admit of only knowing the first 4 acts, but maybe you have heard of the other acts, which are supposed to be really good.

The prices vary from day to day, starting on Tuesday with 32.00 euros, Wednesday 42.00 euros, Thursday 52.00 euros, Friday 42.00 euros and Saturday 42.00 euros as well.

No second guessing on which day ZZ Top will be playing……….

Now, should you decide to spend all 5 days at the Festival it will cost you 150.00 euros. I don't think that is bad at all.

The whole event is called The Blues Passions Festival.

Normally the Music Festival in Cognac takes place at the end of July, but it has been decided it would be better at the beginning, as the Organisers feel it will attract more people earlier in July.

This year the Festivals budget has been increased to €2 million, which is a massive rise of €500.000.

Last year the attendance was 17.000 and this year the Organisers hoping for 23.000 people to attend. High Ambitions.........but I guess it could be possible.

If you should be interested in visiting in July and not sure where you could stay, why not check out 'La Petite Maison'.

It's a lovely holiday cottage and you can come home after a day of dancing in Cognac and relax by the Pool for a few hours in the summer heat.

So, how about it.........???

Just have a lovely time anywhere you'll go.

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