The Museum of Art in Cognac

One of the best attraction, which does not relate to the famous drink, is the fantastic Museum of Art that is at the very heart of the community.

The Museum has a great collection of permanent pieces that were gathered from most of the major schools of paintings across Europe in the last few hundred years.

It includes collections of Paintings, Sculptures, Archeology and Decorative Arts, mainly Art Nouveau creations made by Emile Galle who was a friend of Claude Boucher, Daum and Lalique.

You will find a remarkable collection of Paintings from northern schools, which reflects the historical ties between the Charente and the Netherlands.

The work here is diverse and represents one of the finer collections on public display in this region of France.

Once you finished looking at all the Paintings and Sculptures and you still have some time, why not visit the town of Cognac for shopping, lunch or some dinner.

But maybe after all this you just want to return to your lovely Holiday Cottage and chill a little by the pool.

Whatever you did today or will be doing tomorrow - just have a great time.

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