Ludoland - Toys and Games for Children


If you have children, then Ludoland is well worth visiting as it is paradise for them with lots of toys and games.

Ludoland was created in Angouleme in 1986 and it is being visited by over 20.000 children every year.

This year it will be held on the 9th November to the 12th November 2010 and it is really a festival of toys, games, books and multimedia.

Now, you are probably thinking - How much will that cost me with all these tempting toys and games?

Believe me I would not tell you about it if it would cost a lot of money, as I have 2 children myself. So relax, because as tempting as all the toys and games might be for the children - nothing is for sale!!!!

Feeling better already and maybe even a little tempted to go and show your children a great day out?


Well, as I said nothing is for sale, but everything is provided for the children to have a great day and lots of fun.

They can participate in activities, make discoveries, watch shows and visit exhibitions.

Ludoland is being held in the toy park in Angouleme and there are normally about 40 manufacturers presenting their best-selling and newest products to children.

Once you are inside you will find that it is all devided in to different categories.

There is Ludopuce which is for the very young and it is devoted to the toys and games library, the media library, publications for your children and early childhood activities.

The early childhood activities are organised by Angouleme's local council's.


Another category is Ludoloisirs, which is Art and Craft creation. It offers aircraft and car model-making, astronomy, village made of inflatable buildings, driving racing cars and many more activities.

Then there is Ludomedia, which is the escape area. By escape I mean in to a futuristic universe where there are new products from the world of multimedia like video games, games simulators, surfing simulators, board games, card games, a climbing rock and much more.

And the last one is Artisanat-creation, which is Craft - Design and it is an area devoted to new designers and here you have the opportunity to discover games of the future.


Doesn't that sound like a great day for the kids and maybe even for yourself?

I think it does.

And while you are in Angouleme why not stay for the Gastronomades which is from the 24th to the 26th November 2010.

Just remember to enjoy yourself and have loads of fun........

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