Lapin Saute Recipe

Now here is a real Charentaise recipe - 'Lapin Saute' with either Cognac or Red Wine.

So, if you would like to try something new, then I guess my Lapin Saute a la Charentaise will be just right for you.

I guess you know that Lapin means Rabbit and here in France it is eaten a lot. My children get it at school and they say it is really nice.

First of all, here are all the ingredients:

- 1 young Rabbit

- 10 whole garlic cloves (If you really like garlic you can always put more in)

So, now you can decide if you would like to make it with Cognac or Red Wine.

- 1 Glass of white Wine and 5 cl Cognac or

- 75 cl of red Wine

- Salt, Pepper, Oil, and chopped Parsley

These are all the ingredients to prepare the Rabbit and you can serve it with a lot of mixed vegetables like carrots, celery and even dried plumes.

But I leave that up to you as you might prefer other vegetables.

This recipe caters for 4 peole.


Use a Casserole big enough for the Rabbit, pour a little oil over it and brown it on all side over a medium heat.

Season it with salt and pepper.

If you decided to cook it with the Cognac raise the heat, add the Cognac, light and flambe it until the alcohol has burned off.

Add some water and the garlic cloves, cover and simmer on a low heat for about 3/4 of an hour or until the Rabbit is cooked.

If you decided on the Red Wine, add half of it to the water and then let it simmer.

When it is nearly cooked heat the white or red Wine in a saucepan until reduced.

Check that the Rabbit is cooked, place it in to a warmed serving dish and add the white or red Wine to the pan juices.

Mix it well, pour over the Rabbit and dress with the chopped Parsley.

Serve it with the vegetables of your choice and voila you have 'Lapin Saute a la Charentaise'.

Bon Appetit and I hope you will enjoy it..........