Island of Oleron known as Ile d'Oleron


Let me introduce you to the lovely Island of Oleron, of course better known as Ile d'Oleron.

After Corsica the Ile d'Orleron is France's largest island being 30kms long and 6kms wide.

It is a beautiful island off the Atlantic coast in the department of the Poitou-Charente.

The capital is Saint-Pierre d'Oleron which is in the centre of the island.

Apart from the capital you will find 4 main towns, Saint-George d'Orleron which is a bit further north then the capital and Saint-Denis d'Oleron at the northern tip.

South of the capital is Dolus d'Orleron and further south you will find Saint Trojan-les-Bains.


The Island of Oleron is a lovely place to visit, either for a day trip or maybe even to spend a few days there.

Should you be staying here at 'La Petite Maison' for your holiday, it should take you under 2 hours to get to the Island of Oleron. which is perfect if you want to just get away for a day.


Fishing is a major industry on the island and when you visit the port towns you can feel the buzz going on there.

The largest port town is La Cotiniere and it should be a must to visit. Each day the fisherman come in late afternoon and unload their catch. You can't actually go down to where it is unloaded but it is just a great time to be around.

For Oysters and shellfish take a trip to Saint-Trojan where you will find the best.

The Ile d'Orleron produces about 35.000 tonnes of Oysters, so it should be a pretty good place to have some.

Fishing boat

And of course you will find gorgeous beaches.

The beaches on the island are of soft clean sand and are backed by dunes and they go on for kilometres.

In good weather you can do 'char a vole' which is the 3 wheel sailing.

wind sailing

For something else to do, why not go and visit the Lighthouse.

Chassiron lighthouse is 46 metres high and it is visible for more than 30 miles in good weather.

Should you feel like a bit of exercise you can climb the 224 steps to the top and as a reward you get a wonderful panoramic view.

At the base there is a museum and a small gift shop.


Should you be thinking of spending a few days on the Island between July and August, make sure you arrange your accommodation quite a bit in advance.

Ile d'Oleron is a very sought after destination by the french as well, so be prepared.

Enjoy, whatever you will be doing

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