Holidays in Charente

by Jan

Looking forward to my picnic

Looking forward to my picnic

We have had many holidays in SW France and loved it so much we ended up moving here permanently!

For days out there is nothing better than a lazy kayak down the river Dronne or Dordogne - of course with a picnic lunch!

On one of these days out with some French friends we realised that we really do not know how to do picnic lunches. Of course we had sandwiches, crisps, cake and some beer - the usual sort of picnic lunch for us.

When they opened up their lunch rucksack out came pineau with aperitif nibbles to start.....then duck pate, quiche, cold meats, salad and bread - to be washed down with rose wine. And finally cheeses followed by patisseries and coffee!

Now that's what we call a real picnic lunch!

Of course we've come a long way since then.......!

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