Holiday August 2012

by Roger Whittaker

Hi Katrina,

Many thanks for the opportunity to stay at the La Petite Maison – it’s a very charming house. We both feel really relaxed now after all that sun, heat, fresh air, peace, tranquillity, beautiful countryside, food, wine – I could go on....
Please give my best regards to Kim, who I really enjoyed talking to, and to your lovely children.
Everything went well on our trip back to the UK, and here we are now with cloudy skies, intermittent rain in late August - quite a contrast from Poullignac.

Before our holiday I made full use of your excellent web-site by constructing a booklet (see attached) out of the text in the web-site, which I then printed in A5 format and used to remind me of all the places to go and see in and around the region whilst we were on holiday. I notice we actually visited quite a lot of the places you mentioned. In fact we used that information from your web-site more than e.g. the Michelin guide book. So thank you very much for that, too.

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