Yes, for you Connoisseurs of good food, the yearly Gourmet Festival in Angouleme was on from the 26th to the 28th of November.

It was a cold weekend but I managed to go to the Festival on the Sunday and try all sorts of nice food and drinks.


There were Chef's who showed you how to prepare meals and on some of the stalls you were even allowed to join in.

I watched some beautiful dishes being prepared.

Gourmet Festival

Don't go if you just had Breakast or Lunch as you would not enjoy all the lovely food that is on offer to try.

I found everybody very friendly and helpful and it seems that the Gourmet Festival is quite international as a lot of the people spoke english.

That might make it more attractive for you to come and visit if you know you were able to ask questions in english.


I have picked up a few Recipe cards and some of the dishes are typical Charentaise.

So watch out as I will post some on my Recipe page and you might like to try them.

Apart from all the food to try there were great opportunities to try some Pineau, Wine, Champagne and all sorts of other wonderful alcohol.

I must admit that I only tried some Wine and Champagne. The smell of some of the other drinks was quite enough for me.


It was a really great day out and I am sure you would enjoy it as well.

Maybe next year you decide to come over for a long weekend to visit the Angouleme Gourmet Festival and at the same time do your Christmas shopping, as it is the time of year to start thinking about that.

Don't know where to stay? Have a look at 'La Petite Maison'. and you would only be 35 minutes out of Angouleme.


Does that not look lovely?

Hope to see you there next year.

In the meantime enjoy planning your long weekend away from everything.......


Here are just some more photos from the Gourmet Festival which I hope might tempt you to visit it next year. It's always held in Angouleme at the end of November.


Food Festival

Food Festival

Food Festival

Food Festival