Gourmet Festival in Angouleme - A Yummy Day out!!

If you are interested in Food and Drink, the yearly Gourmet Festival in Angouleme will definitley interested you.

The Festival is called 'Gastronomades' and has been going for just over 10 years.

It's a huge food fair and for 3 days, at the end of November, you will find marquees all dotted around the town centre of Angouleme.

You can feast your eyes on some fantastic displays, or you can watch different demonstrations of preparing and cooking food.

Gourmet Festival

Plenty of little tastes for you to sample, for example different kind of hams and cheeses, bread and cakes.

All different kinds of chocolat.

Gourmet Festival

You will be able to wash all this down with a taster of Wine, Pineau or Cocktails.

One of the reasons for the Gourmet Festival is to make people aware what is going on in the world of food, so apart from trying all the delicious food you can watch professional cooking competitions, theatre productions and award ceremonies.

If you have children you will find very interesting workshops for the little ones.

Drop them off and it might give you more time to enjoy some more tasters.....

There are also various food stalls from all over France where businesses can sell and tell you about their produce.

If you ever had or have a question about preparing or cooking food here is the place where you will find your answers.

What I found really interesting as well, was watching a Baker making 'Pain au Chocolat' from scratch.

The Gourmet Festival is just an exciting day out for the whole family.

Once you had enough of all the food and drink you could just wander around and enjoy the beautiful town of Angouleme.

Have some great fun trying all the different food.....

Gourmet Festival

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