Duck and Pork Pātė Recipe

Here you will find a great Duck and Pork Pātē recipe
This recipe has originated here in the Charente, as it was given to me by my wonderful french neighbour Madeleine, who was born here in the Charente and as far as I know has never really left to go and have a look around the world.

Apart from this recipe she has given me some other ones for you to try.

For this Recipe you will need the following:

5Kg Pork

5Kg Duck

500 gr. Foie Gras

5/6 chopped Shallots

chopped Parsley


Salt and Pepper

Minced Pork

Minced Pork with the chopped Parsley

After cutting and mincing the meat put it altogether in to a big pot, including the chopped Shallots, Parsley and the Salt and Pepper.

The Cognac has to be added as well and really it is up to you how much you would like in it.

I saw Madeleine put about 3 swigs in and I guess that should be about right.

To get it all mixed up is best to do with your hands as a cooking spoon will not really do it.

Go on......get in there with your lovely hands and get mixing............

Duck and Pork Pate

That is both of the meats and all ingredients mixed together

After all this is done you have to cut the Foie Gras in to slices, place it in to a bowl and soak it in water and cognac

Foie Gras

Foie Gras soaked in water and cognac

Both bowls have to rest over night in a cool place. If you can avoid it do not put it in the fridge as that is a bit too cold.

Madeleine has a great larder off her kitchen, so that is a perfect place to keep it.

The next morning get all your jars together and make sure they are clean.

Spoon the Duck and Pork Pātė in to the jars until they are about 3/4 full.

Then take a slice of the Foie Gras and place it on top of the Pātė and then carry on spooning the rest of the Pātė in the jars until it is all gone.

Duck and Pork Pate

That is the finished Pātė in the Jars

Once everything is divided in to all the jars they need to be sealed and if you don't want to eat it straight away all jars have to be sterilised for about 3 hours and voila you can keep it now for about 3 years.

If you would like to eat some straight away you need to heat it in the jar for 3 hours in hot water.

Let it cool down and then you can taste it.

Bon Appetite

Hope you enjoyed this recipe and maybe you would like to let me know how it turned out and if you liked it, or if you have any question, please just fill out the short form below.

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Happy creating your own Duck and Pork Pātė........

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Here is Madeleine mixing all the ingredients together Pate

Shallots being chopped