Come and visit the International Comic Strip Festival in Angouleme

Do you remember Asterix and Obelix?

Asterix and Obelix

Come to Angouleme to visit the International Comic Strip Festival and if you do remember Asterix and Obelix you will find them and other comics here.

Every year on the last weekend in January the beautiful town of Angouleme comes alive with the Comic Strip Festival.

In fact it is on for 4 days at the end of January.

Adultes and Children alike come to Angouleme to visit the Festival, which the french call lovingly 'De La Bande Dessine' - strip cartoons.

Comic cat

It all began at the end of 1972 with just a simple exhibition. As it was buzzing with publishers, book sellers, readers and comic creators Angouleme decided to create the Comic Strip Festival and the first time it opened was on the 25th January 1974.

And now in 2010 it is still going very strong and from just 1 day it turned in to a 4 day festival.

French people adore all the comic books and read them vividly. I must admit that I don't actually read them, but did when I was a child, but it is still very exciting to just go and visit the Festival in Angouleme.

Last year it attracted more than 208.000 visitors and apart from the Race des Rempart it is one of the best known events in Angouleme. Visitors are arriving from every corner of the world and I have to admit I did not realise how many people actually read Comic Books until I arrived in France.

So, even if you don't read the books it is still exciting just to visit as you will find a route through the city which links a series of murals of strip cartoons, 'bandes dessinees'.

Asterix comic strip

If you do decide to go and visit Angouleme during January make sure you have your accommodation booked well in advance as most of the time all hotels are fully booked.

As these Comic strips are so popular and not everybody can make it to the Festival, Angouleme has a Museum that is just designated to Comics. So, don't worry if you are not able to come in January.

You might enjoy the town of Angouleme and some of the surrounding villages better in the spring or summer.

Why not let me and other interested readers know your experience if you have been to the Festival. What did you think? Did it bring back some memories from your childhood?

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Just remember to have some fun, if on holiday or not....

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