Yearly Classic Car Race in Angouleme

Classic Car Race Angouleme

Poster for this years Race

If you like a Classic Car Race then this is an event you would not want to miss - the Circuit Des Rempart in Angouleme.

Classic Car

Classic Car

I have been a few times and it is really spectacular to watch these classic cars racing around.

You can imagine that they are not going too fast as nobody would want to damage these lovely classic cars.

When the weather is nice you can have a great lunch outside in one of the many Restaurants in Angouleme.

We normally go to one that is right opposite the Church, as they are classic cars on show outside.

The Circuit des Remparts happens each year on the third weekend in September and it all started back in 1939.

The classic car race layout has not been changed since then and is quite unique.

Different classic car races normally happen during the weekend, but one of the best one is a race devoted to Grand Prix Bugattis and something like 20 Bugattis race around the narrow streets of the old walled town. Angouleme is situated in the heart of the Charente district and a Cathedral occupying the high point and this is where the starting point of the race lies.

At Angouleme's centre is the ancient Cite des Valois, with its high walls surrounded by steep ascending and descending roadways which are closed off to create a very demanding street circuit.

The combination of hairpin bends and fast straights leads to challenging driving and excitement for the spectators on this unique street circuit.

The extremely close proximity of medieval buildings and solid stone walls enhance the drama as well as the danger.

Over three days the whole of Angouleme gets swept up in the excitement of the races.

The Festival normally begins on the Friday evening with a Concours d'Elegance under floodlights in the natural amphitheatre alongside the high walls.

On the Saturday it starts with the Rally Touristique International and you will see over 60 classic cars, most of them pre 1971, competing.

If you gather around the Hotel de Ville in the late afternoon you will see the Concours d'Etat.

And then on Sunday morning we are working up to the big event.

The Circuit opens for a practise run for the actual races in the afternoon.

This is the only opportunity for any new entrants to drive on the closed streets before they start the race.

The track is a distance of 1.279 km and it has 2 curves, 2 right angle bends and 3 hairpins. And as mentioned before, this has not changed since 1939.

So this year (2010) Angouleme will celebrate the 71th Anniversary of this Classic Cars racing circuit.

From the winners' podium, in the centre of the track, the drivers are taken on a lap of honour in a classic convertible, driven by the President Circuit des Remparts, Angouleme.

classic car

Beautiful old car

Does that not sound exciting!!!!!!!!

If you are a Classic Car fan, this is a must see.

Wouldn't know where to stay?

Not a problem, check out 'La Petite Maison'. By car it will take you 30 minutes to get to Angouleme and normally there is no problem with parking. It seems to be really well organised.

The dates for the classic car race, Circuit des Rempart, are this year from the 17th September to the 19th September 2010.

It is free on the Friday and Saturday, but on the Sunday it will cost from 13.00 Euros per person.

It's a great weekend, even if you don't want to pay the money to see the race, it's well worth going on the Saturday just to admire all the great cars.

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