Montmoreau Christmas Market


I managed to visit the Christmas Market in Montmoreau last weekend and I have to say it is one of the nicer ones I have been to.

It's very french and I did not hear an english voice at all......bad thing?good thing? Well, you decide. I quite liked it.

The good thing about it is, that it is inside. As it is very cold now I prefer to be inside and do some browsing.


Let me just tell you a little about the town as I have not mentioned it before.
Montmoreau is a small town with basic shopping facilities like a Supermarket, Bakery, Pharmacy, a Bank and some other little shops.

It's 14 kms away from Poullignac and from 'La Petite Maison'.


It is a nice little town, but there is not really much to do.

Of course you could always make it your base and then explore the surroundings.


So, going back the Montmoreau Christmas Market, as I think I have gone of the subject a bit, it was quite big and as you can see from the photos even Pere Noel turned up for the Children. Ho, ho, ho..........

As for the Stalls there was quite a variety from Jewellery, Handpainted Porcelain, Childrens toys, Bags to Beer and Food.

I enjoyed it and I will be going back next year.

I hope you enjoyed reading and having a look at some of the photos.

All that remains to say now - Enjoy your Mulled Wine while you are strolling around your favourite 'Marche de Noel' !!!!!

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