What specialities is the Charente known for?

Are you interested in what kind of specialities the Charente has to offer?

I have been telling you about what to do here and where to go, but so far have not really told you about all the lovely things you can find here.

The first thing that probably comes in to your head is Wine - am I right?

But actually there are other things as well, but of course you are not wrong thinking about the lovely Wines you get here.

Normally when I go on a holiday I always look for something to take back home.

Not only for myself but for friends or get some early Christmas presents or presents for the people who looked after your plants, dogs, cats……… while you were having a lovely time on your holiday!

So, you do know about the drink and the town of Cognac and then the lovely Snails.

But what about Foie Gras, Pineau des Charentes, Nuts, Mussels and Rabbit just to mention a few.

In fact some of the lovely things I will tell you about are not only Charente Specialities but actually from the Poitou-Charente.

I will try and give you a little insight to the countryside and some of the things you are able to get here and maybe you feel like coming to the lovely South-West of France for a relaxing holiday.

If you are looking for some little souvenirs I do hope that I have helped you to choose the right things.

There is one last thing I would like to mention.

If you after something that is made here in the South-West of France, how about some hand created Soap.

It is a lovely natural Soap which comes in all sorts of shapes and gorgeous smells. The childrens section is particular lovely.

Should you be interested check out Pure RoK website and have a little look around.

Remember - whatever you do and whatever you buy have a great time.

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