Enjoy the Market and other Things in Chalais

Town of Chalais

Chalais Town

On a Monday morning Chalais is a real nice place to be - it's Market day.

Here you really soak up the French atmosphere and in the midst of the summer you can hardly move as they are so many people visiting.

And it's not only the tourists you will find here but a lot of French people come here as well.

The stalls are packed with fresh fruit and vegetables. You can buy fresh meat, fish or how about some snails? You might even be interested to buy some livestock as you will find Chickens and Rabbits for sale.

And sometimes you will even see young calves for sale.

It really is my favourite place to go on a Monday morning.

You will have to come in the morning, as just after 12o'clock the market traders start packing up, ready for lunch.

Of course Chalais has not only the Market to offer, but it is the first thing that springs to mind.

When the Market is not on it is a bit quieter, but you will still find things to do.

There are little Bars and Restaurants where you can have a drink or have your lunch and just watch the world go by.

On the Town Square there is a lovely little Fountain and as there is a Bar you will find table and chairs outside.

This is a real nice place as you have a good view there.

Now, if you have children, be prepared for wet clothing as in the summer all the kids splash each other to get a bit cool.

I know as I am going through it every year!!!! My kids love it there.

Chalais Fountain

Fountain at Town Square

If you are on a holiday and you forgot some books or you run out, you are at the right spot as you can buy second hand english books right there on the square.

This shop is not only open on the Monday but most days of the week.

Do you maybe like Antiques? There is one shop where you find big furniture or little trinkets. It's run by an English chap, so no problem with the language.

Should you ever go and visit the shop, mention that you found out about him from my website and you never know you might get a real good deal on something. And if you do, let me know about it as well.

There is also an outdoor swimming pool, but you would not need that if you were to stay at 'La Petite Maison' as you would have your own pool.

At the end of August the town hosts a long weekend of Equestrian activities. Different Equestrian centres from all over the Charente meet there and have competitions.

As my daughter started riding a couple of years ago we started going and it's actually quite interesting.

She is hoping to participate herself very soon. Watch this space.....

And the last thing to do is to visit the Restaurant 'Le Relais du Chateau'.

It's in my eyes one of the best Restaurants around.

I will create a page for just Restaurants and you will be able to read more about it and others, but for now just take my word that it is nice.

The Chateau itself is a historical building and is perched high on the hill that dominates Chalais. It offers fantastic views of the region.

Chateau Chalais

Chateau in Chalais

So why not come, see it all, have a great meal at the Chateau and stay at 'La Petite Maison'.

Enjoy some more photos of Chalais. And remember to just have some fun...........

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