Cassinomagus - A Roman-Gallic Site

Cassinomagus is located on the borders of the Charente and Haute-Vienne in a place called Chassenon and it is today situated away from the main communication lines.

It is an ancient Roman-Gallic site and has been revealed little by little at the pace of the excavation.

The story goes that nearly 200 million years ago a meteorite of 5kms diameter chose to come down in Chassenon.

It is an exceptional heritage as not only Archaeologists but also Geologists are very interested in the history of this site.

A scientific program is carried out by Archaeologists for a better understanding of the site and its environment. Cassinomagus was, in the Roman times, important enough to be mentioned on the medieval Peutinger map as one of the two secondary towns between Limoges and Saintes.

The remains of this Gallo-Roman town lay on about 300 hectares and include a sanctuary of about 25 hectares.

This sanctuary consisted of several monuments : a great temple, two small ones, a theatre and thermal baths.

These monuments have been very well preserved and can be visited.

In 1984, the Department of Charente became the owner of the baths and the excavations continued until 1988.

From the beginning of 2000, the Department of the Charente started a major project of Tourism and Culture for the site.

A scientific program is carried out by archaeologists for a better understanding of Cassinomagus and its environment.

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