Beach at Le Porge

Beach at Le Porge

This is just an account of my own personal camping experience at Le Porge. I went at the beginning of August with some friends and it was the first time camping in Le Porge for all of us.

We had a great time as the weather was very hot and it really is not far to walk to the beach.

Depending where abouts you are actually positioned the beach is only 600 metres away.

We were a bit further and it took us about 15 minutes walk, but we had children with us. I am sure it could be done quicker.

If you are a surfer, then this beach really is paradise for you as the waves can get really high and you can catch a few.

During the high season they are usually Lifeguards at the beach, which is a good thing because of the high waves.

Le Porge

Now, if you don't want to go to the beach every day, they are other things you could do.

In fact it was great that there was other entertainement, because if you take the kids they always want to be entertained.... don't they???

So if the weather is maybe not so good one day, how about some Tennis, Ping-Pong or Crazy Golf?

They are 2 Tennis Courts and you can play a great round of Crazy Golf, which keeps everybody entertained. Well, I like it anyway.

Or if you want to get active you can always hire some bikes for the day. The rental location is right on the Camping site which makes it nice and easy.

If you don't want to leave the Campsite you will find a Supermarket, Bakery and Newsagent at the entrance.

Now I did not try them out but they have Washing Machines and Dryers for you to use as well. I did not stay long enough to have needed them, but then I was on holiday and probably would not have used them even if I stayed longer.

But I guess some people like washing on their holidays.....

There is a Snack Bar and Pizza Place as well. Again I did not try either of them, but I am sure they are fine.

I preferred the Restaurants on the way to the beach.

Literally they are Restaurants just when you come of the beach.

So, before you go back to the Campsite you can have a quick, cold Beer or whatever you might like. Then go to your tent freshen up and go back for a nice meal.

I was pleasantly surprised about the prices as I thought it might be really expensive, but not at all. Good prices for a good meal.

During July and August they have Security Guards walking around at night, which I think is a good idea. Just to keep an eye on everything.

They are plenty of facilities for you to use. We were quite near to one of the shower buildings, but it was not bad at all. No funny smells and not much noise in the night. In fact I found it very clean knowing how many people were using everything.

All in all great experience for me and we will probably go back again.

We never went in to Le Porge but if you feel like visiting it, it's only 8 kms from the camping site.

Once there you could do Kayaking, Archery, some Horse Riding or how about Aqua Relaxation or a Sauna.

Might be worth going there if you are on a holiday longer then a week. Change of scenery.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed reading about Le Porge and I hope you will have some fun if you go camping yourself.

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