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CAMPING - I do find that a lot of people say they really like it, but then they can not take more then 3 nights maximum.

Well, I have to admit I am one of these people. I like the idea of it but once I am there and once I have slept for one night in a tent I long for my bed.

It might be that we are not quite organised. We do go every year for a few nights but we always seem to forget something that might have made it more comfortable.

The friends we go with always seem to be more organised, but then they do go more then once a year.

Lovely green tent

This year we went to a place called Le Porge which is very near to Bordeaux.

What a lovely place it was and we were really lucky with the weather as it was hot, hot, hot.

So you see I actually do have a good time when we go (as long as the weather is nice....)

I would love to find out what you think about camping. Do you love it or can you maybe just put up with it?

Most of the time it's the children who really enjoy it, as for them it's just a great, big adventure.

I guess the children are the reason why most people actually go every year.

But maybe I am wrong and you actually enjoy it, so why not share your stories with me and my readers?

Plus I am always interested to find out about some new places to go.

Just fill out the form below and tell us your story and maybe attach a nice photo as well.

My personal Camping Story

CAMPING? Enjoyable or not - have your say

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camping disaster Not rated yet
I went camping once it was a disaster. But it was fun! I will do it again.

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Just remember to enjoy yourself, if you are going to camp somewhere or staying in a Hotel, have a great time.

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