Autumn in Poullignac

My Garden

It’s another change of season and Autumn has arrived in all it’s glory and here in the South-West of France it is a lovely time if you enjoy all the beautiful colours that it brings.

Just because it’s turning colder and the nights are drawing in does not mean there is nothing to do.

The Christmas season is starting now and we have some lovely Christmas markets you could visit.

Mind you, don’t think they are all great as I have experienced some that were small and not good at all in my opinion.

I always like the Christmas Market that is happening in a village called Pillac. There is a Golf Course there and attached to it is a Bar and a Barn. It’s quite big and you always will find some nice presents there.

Autumn has arrived

Stunning, isn't it!

If you don’t like Markets too much there is always Angouleme and Aubeterre where you could do your christmas shopping.

Anyway, I was not really going to write about Christmas yet but about the Autumn.

Just imagine yourself here in the South-West France when it’s cold outside and you are inside, in front of a lovely fire and drinking a Hot Chocolate or maybe some Gluehwein.

I can feel you relaxing already and switching off from all the stress in your life and maybe you thinking about coming to visit. It is a lovely time of the year and just to show how nice it can be I have posted some pictures of my garden.

Does it not look great?

La Petite Maison

So, enjoy the autumn with everything that is on offer.

If you have children take them outside and get them to pick up some leafs so they can stick them on paper and make some great designs.

I just did that with my children and they loved it trying to out do each other with the best design.

Chez Boucher

Or you might even think about moving here or buying a holiday cottage. Why not have a look at some of the Properties that are on offer.

Once again - just enjoy the season.