Poullignac Festival 2012

The time has arrived again to get ready for the Poullignac Festival 2012, which takes place the last Sunday of June.

2011 was the first time we, the inhabitants of Poullignac, had a great time by doing a bit of Theatre.

All visitors to the Festival loved it, so it was decided that we will be doing a 'show' again for 2012.

Last year at the Poullignac Festival we did the Middle Ages and this year it will be a little story about King Frances I, who apparently passed by our Village.

A meeting was arranged and everybody was told which role they were playing this year.

I was luckier this year, as last year I was a Peasant girl and this I am going to be Queen of Angouleme. Ooohh, lucky me. Can't wait to see my costume, which I am sure will be lovely and hot!!

Poullignac Festival

Told you it would be hot, I even had to wear gloves.

Rehearsals started over a month before the actual Festival and we met every Wednesday evening about 6ish, which means more like 7ish here.

It was great to see everybody again and of course once the rehearsal was over we hit the Pineau and had some food.

On the 2nd week of the rehearsal we all got our costumes and that was a bit of a laugh seeing everybody stepping back in time. Plus, some of the clothes didn't quite fit so there was a lot of squeezing going on….

But as always everything was organised really well and all clothes fitted on the day. 

The weekend before all the strong men built the tivoli and on the Saturday before we started preparing the food and laid out all the table decoration.

Here is our Majoress, being the Queen of Poullignac.

Even she needs a rest in this heat.

This is Midou and Jury, one of the organisers

Too much Pineau?????

Rehearsal is hard in this heat.

Spread the love.

All dressed up and ready to go

Oh yes, even in France the guys like to dress up as Ladies!!

3 cute little Jokers

Leonardo de Vinci and Maid

Hard work this rehearsal

Lovely green apples shown of by Midou