"So when will YOU come and discover the Beauty and Charm of South-West France?"

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WELCOME to MY Holidays South-West France guide packed with all you want to know about Self Catering, Hotels, Camping, Chateaux, What to do, Where to go and so much more.........

MY FAVOURITE PART OF FRANCE? I have been asked this question many times and it will always be the same 'SOUTH-WEST FRANCE'.

I moved to this part of the country about 9 years ago and there is so much to see and discover.

If you are thinking about a Holiday here in France I will try and help you decide where to go and where to stay.

My site is aimed at people who love the charm and beauty of South-West France. I would just like to share all my knowledge with you.

I just like to point out that I voice my opinion and my experience on this site.

So, please don't get upset if I might not mention your favourite Restaurant or your favourite place to visit.

I am very willing to listen to your opinion or your experience, so why not contact me and share your information.

- You will read about beautiful villages like Aubeterre, Cognac, Riberac, Chalais...... and many more.

- You will find information for great places to shop like Bordeaux and Angouleme.

- Experience the French Cuisine by finding out about great Restaurants and if you like cooking I will tell you a few original Charentaise Recipes

- A little helping hand about where to stay. Maybe start reading about my self catering cottage 'La Petite Maison' and of course many other beautiful places from Chateaux to Hotels to Camping......

- How about some Wine or Pineau tasting?

- I will tell you about the great French Markets

- Beautiful Beaches near Royan

- Will keep you up to date about Where to go and What to do while you enjoy your France Holiday

Now, can it be any easier then this??

After you gathered all the information you need, all you have to do now is get on the airplane or the car and make your way here.

Do keep reading and I hope you will enjoy all of it..................

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La Petite Maison self catering holiday cottage in South-West France
La Petite Maison an exclusive and peaceful self catering holiday cottage South-West France. You have found the right place
Booking details 'La Petite Maison'
More information and booking details for 'La Petite Maison'
About me and my life in the Charente South-West of France
The short story about me and my Family
Winter 2012 has arrived in full force
After lovely temperatures in December and January the Winter 2012 has arrived
What is the Charente known for?
The Charente is known for quite a few specialities and I have listed a few
Original Charentaise Recipes
If you like eating and cooking, here are original charentaise recipes
About the South Charente
Information and what to do in the South Charente
The Patois Poullignac Festival 2011
Poullignac Festival 2011 with a difference, help from most of the villagers
Free Sightseeing in the Charente
Free Sightseeing places have opened in the Charente
Events not to be missed
Rescued Horses at Brantome - a great day out
Have a great day out by visiting some lovely rescued horses and helping out
Beaches in within 2 hours drive from Poullignac
Beaches not too far from Poullignac
Camping near Bordeaux, France
Camping places near Bordeaux in France
Weekly and Monthly Markets in the Charente
Weekly and Monthly Markets here in the Charente and the Charente-Maritime
Aubeterre-sur-Dronne also known as - Les Plus Beaux Village de France
Aubeterre-sur-Dronne is a beautiful village in the south-east of the Charente department
Historic Poullignac
Poullignac - Home for the last 9 years
Market Town Chalais in the Charente
The great Market of Chalais
The village of Verteuil-sur-Charente
Verteuil-sur-Charente, a village with an impressive Chateau
Shopping and Sightseeing Angouleme
Angouleme - Shopping and Sightseeing
Bordeaux - Exciting French City full of Art and History
Bordeaux, as City on the Garonne River in southwest France
Cognac in the Charente-Maritime
History about Cognac the town and the drink
The gorgeous Island of Oleron which sounds better as Ile d'Oleron in french
Let's go and visit the gorgeous Island of Oleron, which is of course called Ile d'Oleron here in France
Marais Poitevin the second largest wetland in France
Marais Poitevin is the second largest wetland in France
Riberac french town with a great market
Riberac has one of the best outdoor markets in Perigord
Port Town La Rochelle
La Rochelle, a port town in the Charente Maritime
Royan has some lovely beaches
royan, beaches,
Other great places to visit
Other great places and countries to visit
Property for Sale in France
Looking for property in France - have a look right here
Offers of holiday books about France
Here are some great offers of books about holiday France, Cooking and other useful information
Share your stories
A Charentaise Duck and Pork Pate Recipe
Duck and Pork Pate charentaise Style
St. Amant Boixe
St.Amant Boixe, a magnificent Romanesque Abbey
Foie Gras, a Poitou-Charente Speciality
Different kinds of Foie Gras
Pineau des Charentes - Made in the Charente of course
The difference between Pineau des Charentes and Cognac
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website site policy
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Poullignac Festival 2012
Another year - another great festival in Poullignac with all the villagers participating